WinDbg에서 CRITICAL_SECTION 구조체 내용을 확인하는 방법과 각 멤버변수들의 의미에 대한 글

  • In Microsoft Windows 2000, and Windows XP, the LockCount field indicates the number of times that any thread has called the EnterCriticalSection routine for this critical section, minus one. This field starts at -1 for an unlocked critical section. Each call of EnterCriticalSection increments this value; each call of LeaveCriticalSection decrements it. For example, if LockCount is 5, this critical section is locked, one thread has acquired it, and five additional threads are waiting for this lock.

  • The RecursionCount field indicates the number of times that the owning thread has called EnterCriticalSection for this critical section.

  • The EntryCount field indicates the number of times that a thread other than the owning thread has calledEnterCriticalSection for this critical section.

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