## headersig.txt

## ProDiscover DFT Header Mismatch Configuration File 

## Date 9/10/02 http://www.ProDiscover.com


## On Windows systems file signatures are often contained in the 

## first 20 bytes of the file.


## Enter headers in the following format: 


## <File Signature>,<File Extension[s] Separated by ;>,<"" Enclosed Signature Name> 


## Use the # symbol to comment out individual signatures 


## Many thanks to John, Harlan Carvey and others who have helped to 

## create this database.

FFD8FFFE00, .JPEG;.JPE;.JPG, "JPG Graphic File"

FFD8FFE000, .JPEG;.JPE;.JPG, "JPG Graphic File"

474946383961, .gif, "GIF 89A"

474946383761, .gif, "GIF 87A"

424D, .bmp, "Windows Bitmap"

4D5A, .exe;.com;.386;.ax;.acm;.sys;.dll;.drv;.flt;.fon;.ocx;.scr;.lrc;.vxd;.cpl;.x32, "Executable File" 

504B0304, .zip, "Zip Compressed"

3A42617365, .cnt, ""

D0CF11E0A1B11AE1, .doc;.xls;.xlt;.ppt;.apr, "MS Compound Document v1 or Lotus Approach APR file"

0100000058000000, .emf, ""

03000000C466C456, .evt, ""

3F5F0300, .gid;.hlp;.lhp, "Windows Help File"

1F8B08, .gz, "GZ Compressed File"

28546869732066696C65, .hqx, ""

0000010000, .ico, "Icon File"

4C000000011402, .lnk, "Windows Link File"

25504446, .pdf, "Adobe PDF File"

5245474544495434, .reg, ""

7B5C727466, .rtf, "Rich Text Format File"

lh, .lzh, "Lz compression file"

MThd, .mid, ""

0A050108, .pcx, ""

25215053, .eps, "Adobe EPS File"

2112, .ain, "AIN Archive File"

1A02, .arc, "ARC/PKPAK Compressed 1"

1A03, .arc, "ARC/PKPAK Compressed 2"

1A04, .arc, "ARC/PKPAK Compressed 3"

1A08, .arc, "ARC/PKPAK Compressed 4"

1A09, .arc, "ARC/PKPAK Compressed 5"

60EA, .arj, "ARJ Compressed"

41564920, .avi, "Audio Video Interleave (AVI)"

425A68, .bz;.bz2, "Bzip Archive"

49536328, .cab, "Cabinet File"

4C01, .obj, "Compiled Object Module"

303730373037, .tar;.cpio, "CPIO Archive File"

4352555348, .cru;.crush, "CRUSH Archive File"

3ADE68B1, .dcx, "DCX Graphic File"

1F8B, .gz;.tar;.tgz, "Gzip Archive File"

91334846, .hap, "HAP Archive File"

3C68746D6C3E, .htm;.html, "HyperText Markup Language 1"

3C48544D4C3E, .htm;.html, "HyperText Markup Language 2"

3C21444F4354, .htm;.html, "HyperText Markup Language 3"

100, .ico, "ICON File"

5F27A889, .jar, "JAR Archive File"

2D6C68352D, .lha, "LHA Compressed"

20006040600, .wk1;.wks, "Lotus 123 v1 Worksheet"

00001A0007800100, .fm3, "Lotus 123 v3 FMT file"

00001A0000100400, .wk3, "Lotus 123 v3 Worksheet"

20006800200, .fmt, "Lotus 123 v4 FMT file"

00001A0002100400, .wk4, "Lotus 123 v5"

5B7665725D, .ami, "Lotus Ami Pro"

300000041505052, .adx, "Lotus Approach ADX file"

1A0000030000, .nsf;.ntf, "Lotus Notes Database/Template"

4D47582069747064, .ds4, "Micrografix Designer 4"

4D534346, .cab, "Microsoft CAB File Format"

4D546864, .mid, "Midi Audio File"

000001B3, .mpg;.mpeg, "MPEG Movie"

0902060000001000B9045C00, .xls, "MS Excel v2"

0904060000001000F6055C00, .xls, "MS Excel v4"

7FFE340A, .doc, "MS Word"

1234567890FF, .doc, "MS Word 6.0"

31BE000000AB0000, .doc, "MS Word for DOS 6.0"

1A00000300001100, .nsf, "Notes Database"

7E424B00, .psp, "PaintShop Pro Image File"

504B0304, .zip, "PKZIP Compressed"

89504E470D0A, .png, "PNG Image File"

6D646174, .mov, "QuickTime Movie"

6D646174, .qt, "Quicktime Movie File"

52617221, .rar, "RAR Archive File"

2E7261FD, .ra;.ram, "Real Audio File"

EDABEEDB, .rpm, "RPM Archive File"

2E736E64, .au, "SoundMachine Audio File"

53495421, .sit, "Stuffit v1 Archive File"

53747566664974, .sit, "Stuffit v5 Archive File"

1F9D, .z, "TAR Compressed Archive File"

49492A, .tif;.tiff, "TIFF (Intel)"

4D4D2A, .tif;.tiff, "TIFF (Motorola)"

554641, .ufa, "UFA Archive File"

57415645666D74, .wav, "Wave Files"

D7CDC69A, .wmf, "Windows Meta File"

4C000000, .lnk, "Windows Shortcut (Link File)"

504B3030504B0304, .zip, "WINZIP Compressed"

FF575047, .wpg, "WordPerfect Graphics"

FF575043, .wp, "WordPerfect v5 or v6"

3C3F786D6C, .xml, "XML Document"

FFFE3C0052004F004F0054005300540055004200, .xml, "XML Document (ROOTSTUB)"

3C21454E54495459, .dtd, "XML DTD"

5A4F4F20, .zoo, "ZOO Archive File"

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